Fire Safety Officer

Fire Safety Officer

A Fire safety officers will make sure that a workplace and work assets are as safe as possible from the risk of fire.

This page has information on the role of a fire safety officer and skills needed to effectively deliver the responsibilities within this role.

Create a fire safety plan, including  ensuring that electrical systems are safe, staff are trained and aware of their responsibilities, fire fighting equipment is well maintained and that there are suitable fire doors and escape routes.

The Typical Fire Safety Officer is responsible for

  1. advising on fire issues relating to building structure and fabric, services, alterations and maintenance
  2. advising on fire safety requirements
  3. co-ordinating and monitoring a programme of fire risk assessments.
  4. liaising with the Fire Brigade and Authorities involved in fire safety
  5. giving advice and guidance on fire safety relating to disabled persons evacuation and compliance with Equality Act requirements, and the provision and maintenance of evacuation chairs and other aids.
  6. giving advice and monitoring how incidents involving fire and fire alarm activations are investigated to identify order valtrex problems and advise on corrective actions, and reporting these
  7. general day to day monitoring of fire precautions
  8. preparing regular reports on issues relating to fire safety
  9. liaising with other managers and staff on fire safety issues
  10. monitoring and mitigation of unwanted fire alarm activations.

Although much of the work is aimed at preventing fires, each site has an evacuation plan in case of fire. Staff need to know exactly how to evacuate large numbers of patients if necessary.

As a fire safety officer, you will

  • carry out risk assessments and draw up fire plans
  • liaise with local fire services
  • investigate incidents
  • train fire wardens
  • train staff in fire prevention and evacuation drills
  • organise spot checks around the site
  • arrange regular fire alarm tests and fire drills

Skills needed

Fire safety officers need to be

  • interested in fire prevention
  • very health and safety aware
  • able to reassure people
  • able to stay calm in stressful situations
  • able to explain simply and clearly
  • good communication skills with people at all levels
  • good planning skills
  • good observation skills