Confined Space Training

Confined space training allows individuals to safely work within a confined environment. The training courses can be designed to match your specific requirements and can sufficiently cater to all levels of competence. This can range from basic awareness training to high risk training. Our courses can be delivered at our site or at your workplace, as we intend to provide the best possible service. Wherever confined space training is carried out, the training will be delivered with utmost professionalism by experienced instructors.

A confined space is defined as an environment which is substantially enclosed, where serious injury may occur from hazardous conditions within the space or nearby, such as a lack of oxygen. Confined spaces are also referred to as enclosed spaces. A confined space will usually have limited entry that is unsuitable for regular human occupancy, which is sometimes used by maintenance staff. Health and safety legislation mean that employers must take the necessary precautions to guarantee the safety of anyone entering a confined space. The risks of working in an enclosed space include: lack of oxygen, gas, fire and explosions, dust, hot conditions and many more. Confined space training helps to protect your workforce from serious injury in these environments.

It is important the risks of working in a confined space are reduced as much as possible. Upon completion of the training, individuals will be equipped to cope with working in confined spaces and how they can stay safe in said locations.

The confined space training courses are delivered by professionals, with most having had direct emergency experience. Therefore, they can provide a comprehensive learning experience that will allow learners to work effectively and safely in a confined space in the real world. The key topics covered in our confined space training courses include: what is defined as a confined space, legislation, staying safe, carrying out tasks, PPE, regulations, emergency escape, full BA, first aid, rescue training and working at height. The courses can be tailored to suit the needs of your workplace and appropriate topics can be selected, depending on which are relevant to your requirements.

Confined space training is one of our key training courses and we have vast amounts of experience in this area as a result. We ensure that only the best knowledge and methods are taught to anyone taking a course, ensuring that your work environment is as safe as possible following this training.


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