Confined Space Rescue Training

Confined space rescue training is ideal for any employer looking to keep their workforce safe in hazardous environments and to prevent disaster from occurring in confined spaces. A confined space is defined as an environment that is highly enclosed, where serious injury can occur due to contact with hazardous substances or the inherent risks of the environment. A confined space can also be referred to as an enclosed space. A confined space will have limited space and entry, not suitable for regular human occupation.

Confined space rescue training goes in tandem with our confined space training but goes one step further by training individuals on how to cope when a situation might go wrong. The prerequisites for the course include the completion of the emergency first aid course and the medium risk confined space entry course. If the candidate has not completed these courses, we can include them for you.

The confined space rescue training course will provide individuals with a full understanding of the inherent dangers of working in confined spaces. The course will teach delegates how to use breathing apparatus and how to remove casualties from high risk confined spaces. Learning points of the course include: dangers involved, legislation, permits, risk assessments, use of gas detection equipment, types of atmospheres, use of escape breathing apparatus, communication, pre-entry checks, exclusion zones and many more.

Our confined space rescue training will allow your workforce to work in a confined space effectively and safely, with the knowledge on how to rescue individuals that have been injured inside the space. The course will ensure that the dangers of working in a confined space are contained, and that any emergency scenarios are solvable. It is crucial that any workforce operating in an enclosed space should be able to work safely and react appropriately to real world situations that may occur.

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