Fire Safety Officer

A fire safety officer ensures that a workplace and its assets are kept safe from the possible risk of a fire. A fire safety officer has a substantial role with responsibility as they must ensure that people are kept safe. The individual nominated this role will require a range of skills and knowledge to deliver on their responsibilities effectively.

Our training courses cover all aspects of fire safety and the training of key individuals that will ensure that the workplace remains safe from fire. We have vast experience in this field and we guarantee that delegates that take part in one of our courses will have the necessary skills to act as a fire safety officer.

A fire safety officer has a variety of responsibilities that aim to minimise the risk of fire and how to keep people safe from fire. A fire safety officer will typically advise on issues relating to the building structure and how it is related to fire safety. They will also advise on what requirements there are for complete safety. Fire safety officers will coordinate fire risk assessments and will liaise with the relevant authorities. Furthermore, they will give out advice to all individuals, especially those with a disability and how they can remain safe during an evacuation. They will monitor fire precautions daily and prepare reports on fire safety issues.

The fire safety officer mainly has the role of mainly preventing fires from taking place, rather than dealing with them after they have started. However, they will oversee the site’s evacuation plan should a fire occur. Fire safety officers will have to be interested in fire prevention and be highly alert as well as aware in all situations. They will have the ability to reassure others whilst remaining calm themselves in intense scenarios. Also, a fire safety officer will need to be able to communicate effectively and have good planning skills.

If you wish to know more about nominating fire safety officers and what training they need to undertake, please do not hesitate to get in touch.


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