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About Firesafe999

Our company are dedicated to the belief that the health and safety of your employees is of paramount importance. Indeed, the duty to provide a safe place of work is the most fundamental obligation that an employer has and training has a vital role to play in meeting that duty. It is for this reason that we have developed our own training company in the heart of the country. Our company provides straightforward and practical training in all aspects of health and safety. We have on site practical training areas for courses from Confined Spaces through to Manual Handling, First Aid, and Fire Safety. 

All our trainers are qualified to the highest standard and deliver informative, interesting and exciting courses encouraging interaction from the candidates with reasoned discussion around the subject being taught. They come from a variety of backgrounds such as local authority, construction and manufacturing industries and the Fire and Rescue service.

Should you wish to provide your staff with on-site training in your own premises, our trainers will be more than happy to deliver the course at your business premises tailoring the course contents to meaningful situations that may be applicable only to your environment.

Training with Firesafe999 leaves you free to concentrate on developing your business in the knowledge that your staff are all suitably trained and are aware of the importance of Health & Safety both for their own safety and for those around them.

Our Training Services

Our trainers are trained to the same levels as Fire and Rescue service Personnel and are highly enthusiastic about training others to use skills they have benefited from. Trading for 10 years we have grown significantly over this period of time and are a recognised training company locally and nationally … Equipment we use includes Mobile Confined Space Simulation Unit, Fire Simulation units, Emergency escape Breathing apparatus, First Aid Resuscitation, Rescue Harnesses, Specialised Gas monitoring equipment, Choke simulation, Cuts and burns simulation, Confined Space ventilation and more … We work with major contractors such as National Grid, Civil Engineers, Universities, Hospitals as well as many more … we also work with contractors allied with the utility contractors such as Water Utilities… We Specialize in Confined Space Rescue support and much much more


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