Confined Space Emergency – Whats Your Assessment

The first step in any confined space journey is to carry out a risk assessment with the tools and information you have available. In this article Firesafe999 discuss the merits of conducting an in depth risk assessment before any confined space journey.

Try to establish any history, the current status and the “what if” questions in your risk assessment.

Remember in a confined space you options are always available and should include:

  • Can I avoid the confined space
  • How can I communicate from within the confined space
  • Can I self rescue
  • Can my rescuers use non entry techniques
  • Who will be my casualty extraction team
  • Will we need a full BA rescue team

Confined Spaces Risk Categorisation

Once you have decided that entry to the confined space cannot be avoided now its time to categorize the confined space

Low Risk:

  1. Hazardous atmosphere is not reasonably foreseeable
  2. Emergencies are usually medical or injury based

Having a rescue team on standby can always be an advantage in any confined spaces operation, self rescue and no entry rescue  will often be sufficient in low risk assessed spaces.

Medium Risk:

  1. Hazardous atmosphere is reasonably foreseeable
  2. Escape BA is required

Depending upon the likelihood of an atmospheric hazard, either a casualty extraction team or a full BA rescue team will be required to support.

Firesafe999 can support you with trained fire rescue an BA trained teams along with specialist confined space consulting services to ensure and devise safe systems of work and coherent rescue plans.

High Risk:

  1. Known Hazardous atmosphere.
  2. Full BA is required.
  3. Full Rescue team and agreed rescue plans in-place.

Firesafe999 can support you with trained fire rescue an BA trained teams along with specialist confined space consulting services to ensure and devise safe systems of work and coherent rescue plans that achieve and surpass your statutory obligations.

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