Q: How much does your coating cost per square yard?
A: Because we don’t just come along and spray your coating on; we first of all carry out any necessary repairs. Every job is unique and so when we’ve looked at the work needed we are able to supply a quote not an estimate so everybody knows where they stand.
Q: Have you coated a property that we can look at?
A: No problem, but we don`t have “show homes” as a rule but wouldn`t have an issue with providing an address, but in reality if we were to look at the property just when it was coated and not before this won`t really show us the transformation that has taken place.
Q: What would you do if I already had a cheaper quote from elsewhere?
A: We offer a price beater service; if a customer receives a cheaper like for like quote, even up to 7 days AFTER they place an order we guarantee to beat that price.
Q: If I want you to coat my property when you arrive on site what do you need from me?
A: In most cases the only requirement is power and water. However we do prefer to meet with the customer first to confirm details.
Q: What does the price you quote me include?
A: Absolutely everything! From the prep to the clean up and the guarantee nothing is excluded and so there are never any nasty surprises.
Q: If my neighbour wants their house coated do I get anything?
A: Of course, referral business is one of our preferred sources and we pay £150 for each subsequent installation.
Q: How do we know you will do a decent job?
A: We have over 3 decades of wall,roof and stone coating experience, but not just that; we take great pride in our craftsmanship and the customer only settles the balance when they are happy.